Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow creatures of Ann Arbor (part 1)

Winner of Most Classic Snowman, complete with charcoal eyes and a carrot nose. On the Broadway hill.

Winner of Most Enormous Snowman - did they have a ladder?? Glen and Ann.

Abstract sculpture #1: alien lifeforms at Argo Park?

Abstract sculpture #2: the grass stuck to its front leads us to believe it was once a lion. Bonisteel by Music School.

Another classic, also Most Resistant to Melting. Broadway hill.

Most Daring Execution - in the middle of the Huron River.

SNOW TURKEY! The field by Baits II

And finally...I had to include our own creation, the late Simon the Snowman. Simon came to an untimely end, probably at the hands of some hooligan freshmen. However, if you're walking past the field by Baits II, you'll still see the lump that is a monument to his memory.

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