Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Redford Rambles Intro

Since I’m going to be spending a lot of time in Redford around the holidays, I thought I’d do a series called REDFORD RAMBLES. My mother has this dream that someday I’ll buy one of the (extremely cheap) houses on their block and we’ll live harmoniously a few yards away from each other. Now, that would be cool, but it begs the question: what could compel me to live in Redford again?

I’ve said many times that I would not move back to Redford, the reason being that there simply isn’t a lot for young folks without children to do there. It’s not a function of being an inner-ring suburb—there are places like Ferndale where I could see myself putting up shop. But the Ferndales of the area have something my old hometown just does not.

So this Christmas break, I want to explore. See if things have changed, it there are more interesting things going on in that old township. Figure out exactly what would have to change to compel me to live there. I will take pictures. It will be a big project. Do stay tuned.

Oh, and if you’re not too familiar with the area, you can start at the convenient Redford Township Wikipedia page!

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